After pausing for long time, I am back to trade this account. Reset the account with $50,000 cash.

Real-time Portfolio

07/05/2017 Update

Buy 209 shares of KBH (KB Home) at 23.85. KBH had just made a new high. Its last 12 month earning per share is $1.14 and expects to grow to $3.03 (21.6% per annum) by 07/2022. P/E ratio is 7.9 in 5 years.

07/04/2017 Update


After pausing for one year, I am back to trade this account. Reset the account with $50,000 cash.

06/30/2016 Update

Sell all remaining position and the account is 100% on cash. It is up 18.2% year to date vs. SPY up 2.75%.

Real-time Portfolio

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Closed Trades:
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06/12/2016 Update

My account is 76% on cash now. It is up 19.72% for the year. The market is rolling over. Waiting for better chance to get back in again. 

06/10/2016 Update

Sell 637 shares of ORBC at 8.88.
Sell 280 shares of MXL at 20.13.
Sell 1400 shares of PLPM at 4.05.

05/13/2016 Update

Sell 1171 shares of OCLR at 5.01.
Sell 300 shares of RDCM at 12.95.

04/30/2016 Update

For the month of April, my account is up 1.04% vs. up 0.39% of SPY.

04/29/2016 Update

Mark looks shaky. Start to lighten up positions.

Sell 453 shares of NPTN at 11.99.

03/31/2016 Update

For the month of March, my account is up 11.49% vs. up 6.72% of SPY.

Received following dividends this month:
SPY: 1.05 per share

03/21/2016 Update

Buy 122 shares of EBIX (Ebix, Inc.) at $41. It has forward P/E of 15.4 and next 5-year annual earning growth of 10% and is trading near the new high.

Buy 1400 shares of PLPM (Planet Payment, Inc.) at $3.5.  It has forward P/E of 18.9 and next 5-year annual earning growth of 25% and is trading near the new high.

Sell 145 shares of YHOO (Yahoo! Inc.) at $35.98. Take 4.6% profit. Free up fund for more attractive issues. 

03/17/2016 Update

Sell 256 shares of NUAN (Nuance Communications, Inc.) at $19.58 and come up almost even. 

Buy 280 shares of MXL (MaxLinear, Inc) at 17.99. It has forward P/E of 10.85 and next 5-year annual earning growth of 15% and is trading near the new high.

03/14/2016 Update

Sell 178 shares of CREE (Cree, Inc.) at $29.31 and take 4.57% gain. Free up fund for new purchases.

Buy 453 shares of NPTN (NeoPhotonics Corporation) at 11.7. It has forward P/E of 13.86 and next 5-year annual earning growth of 15% and is trading near the new high.

03/10/2016 Update

Buy 394 shares of COT (Cott Corp) at 12.7. It is near new all time high with good volume. Forward P/E is 24 and EPS annual growth next 5 year is 43.4%.  

02/29/2016 Update

For the month of February, my account is up 7.07% vs. SPY is down 0.08%.

02/12/2016 Update

Buy 1171 shares of OCLR (Oclaro, Inc.) at 4.27. The street expects OCLR to earn $0.24/share for the year ends in Mar. 2017 with 211 million revenue. The earning growth for next 5 year is ~20%.

1/31/2016 Update

For the month of January, my account is down 2.01% vs. down 4.98% of SPY.

No dividend was paid this month.

1/4/2015 Update

Buy 256 shares of NUAN (Nuance Communications, Inc.) at 19.5. Invest ~10% of capital.

12/31/2016 Update

During December, following dividends were paid.

12/18/2015: SPY 1.212

Account value is 50,216.70. For year 2015 (starting 12/08/2015), my account return is 0.43% vs. -1.57% of SP500 ETF.


Buy 1900 shares of RSYS (RadiSys Corporation) at 2.63. This is business turn around story. It is transitioning from a low margin hardware to high margin software business. 

12/08/2015 Update

Buy 145 shares of YHOO (Yahoo! Inc.) at 34.39. Invest 10% of capital.

Read this article about why YHOO is under valued. 

Yahoo's holdings in two public companies Yahoo Japan (35%) and Alibaba (15.4%) are worth about 44B. Its current market cap is about 33B, which is 25% discount of its holdings. That leaves Yahoo's own operating assets at zero value. 

Yahoo has been moving up for last two months. The momentum is OK but not strong enough. It is better to buy when it moves above 35.62 at closing. I decide to buy early since the downsize risk is not very big. 

The Holy Grail of Investing: Combining Value and Momentum

Many researches have found that, on average, value stocks outperform growth stocks and stocks with high positive momentum outperform stocks with low positive momentum.